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Saturday, August 12, 2023

The Importance of Research and Innovation in Health and Care in Norway

 In a rapidly evolving world, research and innovation play a crucial role in driving advancements, particularly in the field of health and care. Norway, renowned for its commitment to sustainability and technology, recognizes the significance of funding research and innovation investments to ensure a brighter future. The Research Council of Norway spearheads these efforts, investing in various portfolios to foster groundbreaking research and promote societal well-being. This article delves into the importance of research and innovation in health and care in Norway, exploring the key areas of investment and the impact they have on the nation's development.

Investing in Research and Innovation across Portfolios

The Research Council of Norway recognizes the transformative power of enabling technologies such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, and ICT. These technologies have the potential to drive significant societal changes and find applications across various domains. To harness their potential, the Research Council of Norway invests in these areas, ensuring they are developed and utilized in a socially responsible manner, while fostering collaboration between different disciplines and both the private and public sectors [^1^].

Apart from enabling technologies, the Research Council of Norway funds research and innovation across 16 portfolios, each focusing on a specific area. These portfolios include Climate and polar research, Democracy, administration and renewal, Education and competence, Energy, transport and low emissions, Global development and international relations, Health, Humanities and social sciences, Industry and services, Land-based food, the environment and bioresources, Life science, Oceans, Petroleum, Sami, Welfare, and culture and society [^4^]. Each portfolio aims to address critical challenges and drive sustainable development in its respective field.

Funding Research and Innovation

The Research Council of Norway provides funding to research organizations, businesses, and public sector entities to support research-based innovation. However, private individuals are not eligible for research funding [^6^]. County authorities, municipalities, and other public sector entities can apply for funding to promote research-based innovation and foster knowledge growth [^7^].

One notable funding initiative is the Health Pilot, which focuses on financing innovation processes that enhance sustainability in health and care services, while stimulating value creation in Norwegian trade and industry [^9^]. This initiative reflects Norway's commitment to improving healthcare outcomes through innovation and technology.

Promoting Innovation in the Public Sector

The Research Council of Norway recognizes the need for innovation in the public sector to adapt to the fast-paced changes occurring worldwide. Innovation, in this context, refers to the introduction of new or significantly improved goods, services, processes, organizational and governance forms, or models that enhance value creation for the benefit of society [^10^]. The Research Council aims to ensure that relevant research is accessible and contributes to societal well-being.

One initiative that fosters innovation and value creation is the Centres for Research-based Innovation scheme. Through long-term research collaboration between research-performing companies and prominent research groups, these centers aim to enhance technology transfer, internationalization, and researcher training [^11^]. In the coming years, new centers may be established to further drive innovation in Norway.


Research and innovation are vital components of Norway's commitment to sustainability and technology. The Research Council of Norway's investments in various portfolios, including health and care, enable groundbreaking research and innovation. By funding research organizations, businesses, and public sector entities, Norway strives to foster innovation-driven growth and improve societal well-being. Through initiatives like the Health Pilot and the Centres for Research-based Innovation scheme, Norway is positioning itself as a global leader in research and innovation in health and care. With a strong focus on sustainability and technology, Norway is paving the way for a brighter future in the field of health and care.

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